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This is a small, quasi-random, collection of articles and books that I have found inspiring and thought-provoking.I hope you will also enjoy them.


Man as an industrial palace
Fritz Kahn's wonderful rendition of the human body as and industrial palace (here). A beautiful animation of his designs can be found here.
The commuity of the self
Timothy Buchman's interpretation of the system dynamics aspects of health and disease (click here)
Organization of physiological homeostasis
Walter Canon's seminal 1929 paper on physiological homeostasis (here)
An Introduction to the Study of Experimental Medicine
Claude Bernard's 1865 major discourse on the scientific method (here)
Bounds on sorting
Next time you call Bill Gates a "college drop-out" consider this: In this 1979 paper he discussed pancake sorting algorithm  (here) that took 30 years to beat (here) !
On computable numbers
Alan Turing's seminal 1936 paper, likely define the concept of computing using algortihms (here)
Asynchronous & Distributed Computing
Bertsekas-Tsitsiklis's 1986 paper on asynchronous computation (here); Bertsekas's outstanding textbook o districtued computing (here) and ten simple rules on mathematical wirting (here)
Method for node ranking in a linked data base
Lary Page's patent that likely started Google (here)
Searching in large spaces
Sergey Bryn's 1995 paper on searching large metric spaces (here)
The practice of progamming
Learning from the best. Brian Kernighan's "must read" book of computer programming (here)
Computational ecologies
Bernaddo Huberman's 1989 paper on non optimal strategies (here) and 1993 paper on emerging computational ecologies (here)
The central dogma of molecular biology
Francis Crick's 1970 Nature paper on the detailed residue-by-residue transfer of sequential information (here
The art of scientific programming
Edsger Dijsktra's 1971 beautiful introduction to programming  (here
Ten questions about Systems Biology
Michael Joyner, MD, attempts to move systems biology from the cell to the host. Worth reading ! (here
The nature of mathematical modeling. Neil Gershenfeld's very nice textbook about the kinds of mathematical models and their usefulness (here
All models are wrong: Relflections on becoming a systems scientist. J.D. Sterman's paper on his talk delivered in 2002 upon receiving the J.W. Forrester Award (here
The information highway
Gianni Astarita's 1996 prophetic words on how more information does not necessarily increase knowledge (here)
Reflections on mentorship
Michael Joyner, MD, shares his views on the art of mentoring in this very enganging video  (here
Metabolic syndrome and robustness trade-offs. John Doyle's work on robustness. I know that he is not the "corresponding" author, but his work on trade-off is really pioneeting (here
Allostasis: A new paradigm to explain arousal pathology. Peter Sterling's introduction of the concept of "allostasis" (here
Delivered in the fall of 1973 and collectively titled “The Unanswered Question,” Bernstein’s lectures covered a lot of terrain, touching on poetry, linguistics, philosophy and physics (here
3 Paradoxes That Gave Us Calculus (here)
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