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"The application of mathematics to natural phenomena is the aim of all science, because natural phenomena should always be mathematically expressed"


Claude Bernard, An Introduction to the Study of Experimental Medicine (1895)

I am interested in the broader areas of systems biology and systems pharmacology. I am particularly interested in examining the links between Systems Engineering and Quantitative Systems Biology & Pharmacology. 

I am interested in stress and its implications. Here is a nice description of stress, its components, and its implications by a pioneered in the field, Prof. George Chrousos, MD.



Here is a Webinar that summarized some of my work on a systems perspective to health and disease, a presentation describing the role of circadian rhythms in health and disease, and a recent seminar on circadian cortisol rhythms

































The papers and presentation below describe broader concepts along those lines

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Quantitative Systems Pharmacology


One of the broad questions that interest me concerns the development of integrated models of Quantitative Systems Pharmacology. Bellow you will find a recent presentation (left) and a link to a ROSA Webinar associated with the presentation (right).



Vignettes ...

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